Monday, March 30, 2009

Google launches Legal Downloads in China

To complement its search engine functionality in China where Baidu is the market leader with 60% market share, Google will introduce downloading of Legal Music, Google has tied up with Major Music labels like Sony, EMI, Warner, Universal on license based Music distribution.

3.5 lakh songs will be on offer in Chinese and Other languages which would be increased to 1.1 million later.

I think it is the very right strategy from Google as it will increase the allure of offering as well as increase revenue for both Music labels and Google, the users stand to gain with better quality music.

I think the same model should be replicated in India too as piracy in India is of the similar level to that in China.

Good news for US companies Maharastra an Indian state is trying to be pioneer in banning the use of pirated DVD's by making selling as well as buying pirated DVD's. Now that will image Indian image in the west.

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