Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Internet Explorer Fading : New Chrome Version

I had previously shared my blag data with you showing firefox leading the assault on Microsoft IE's dominance. Similar figures have been released by the industry.

According to data

IE ; 67.4%

Firefox : 22 %

Safari : 8%

Chrome : 1.2 %

Market share of the browsers.

So it looks difficult for Chrome to capture more market share even with its new Beta version under test for upt0 20-25% speed gains and more stability.

People seem to be clung to Internet explorer by sheer sticky habit. So it shows how sticky customers could save the day even fora lousy product.

Firefox with 22% market share could gain more by using innovative marketing and hooking more and more people to try out fire fox who would surely convert?

So , what's your browser?

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