Wednesday, March 04, 2009

m-CRM and Sales Automation

Are you ready for it yet?

So what is m-CRM . m-CRM is CRM software on your PDa or smart phone. They are for the marketing and sales staff. It can be used to provide live data to client and to keep the organisational MIS data live from the field.

It is used to automate the processes of CRM, like customer alerts et al can be generated automatically and a lot of Customer proceses from the marketing end can be automated leading to smooth transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction and service.

There is impdiments to automating all sales force like cost and internet accessibility impediments which are to be kept in mind while deplying a m-CRM module.

Vareity of m-CRM modules can be deployed even in low end SMS based systems with teh help of GPRS connectivity. With 3G coming to India ( BSNL rolling out the service in 11 cities ) it is likely to get more speed of info updates.

So be ready for that sales Conversion through m-CRM.

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