Wednesday, November 15, 2006

User Controlled Content

With the coming ofthe Dish TV there has been some innovative experiments.Like multi feed Audio Support, where one can watch the channel in multiple language choice, ie either English or Hindi. Also if you are watching cricket you can control the camera or the viewing angle of the match.Upto 8 different angles can be selected to view the match. Cool isn't it.

Also with IPTV introduced by MTNL recently in Mumbai and Delhi you have a choice of on demand video or audio or a host of other prerecorded programmes, just by the click of a button. Plethora of choice to the user.

Also you have your regular Media Center PC using which you can record the live TV programmes and watch it when you have leisure. The world looks like changing for the better for those looking out for entertainment. Sure who doesn't want to be in control.

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