Sunday, November 05, 2006


"Where have you been Ramesh?", Asks Mother.
"Where else, Gaming", replies Ramesh's Father.

Gaming is fast picking up its traction in India. From $30 million in 2005, its expected to reach a mammoth $300 million in India in the year 2009. Great Guns man. This booty in the bush has driven Microsoft to launch XBOX360 in India amidst fanfare. There was a flashy ad by Akshay Kumar and Yuvraj Singh ( Indian Stars ) to entice the Indian Gamers.

Apart from XBOX360 which is a console based gaming console from microsoft with Hi-Fi features, the other players in the industry include Nintendo's WII system and Sony's Playstation 3.0 both soon to be released in the Indian Market.

XBOX360 is also available in the online version as XBOX Live which is subscription based. Microsoft alrady has a first mover advantage and its gaming system is being touted as technologically superior to Playstation 3.0. In the first round of Gaming Wars, MIcrosoft was beaten by Sony, as Playstation 2.0 had a market share of 51%. In this fresh round of marketing Blitzkriez, Microsoft already has about 34% market share.

Some people say that gaming is bad. It creates violent tendencies in the youth. But the growth of the gaming sector globally is phenomenon. And the gaming experience itself is viral. There are people who sit in front of their console or pc's for hours together. IN one instance one youth died of gaming fatigue. But such incidents are rare. In fact their are role playing and strategic games which enhances your management skills. So Rajeev recommends you games. Apart from that if you can control your instincts then try out the games. The games are available in Online, Console, PC and Mobile versions.

Best of Luck, Gaming.

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