Thursday, November 16, 2006

Create Your Own Music

You need not be a great Musician to crete digital music. There are tools like Sony Acid Studio, Fruity Studio and various other programs which allow you to create your own digital music and record your album.

The music track can be created in two ways ie, Loopology and Recording. If you have the MIDI interface with your computer you can directly record your music by connecting the Guitar or whatever instrument with the computer.

Using prerecorded loops you can directly create the music tracks by repaeting the loops in innovative ways. Loops are a small fraction of music.

Also using software like Sound Forge you can give great effects to yoiur tracks like reverb, and others and make your music sound really great. Today you need not have a hell lot of talent to produce music album. All you need is a Media Center PC and a little bit of ingenuity and obviously marketing prowess.

If you have money, Man you are Maddona of US or Sonu Nigam of India.
Go ahead do the Research and produce your own digital music.

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