Saturday, November 04, 2006

Muvee Autoproducer : Product Review

Its a software which automates video editing and burning DVD's. Creating Music Video was never so easy. Editing is no longer th eforte of experts, thanks to Muvee Autoproducer, just transfer the footage to the software, give a thumbs up, thumbs down flag to clips for definite inclusion or definite exclusion. Add the digital song track or the song. The application analyzes the music and images and assembles them in a compelling way. There are cuts between the scenes just at the right moments which is in perfect Sync with the music. So now youknow how you are seeing those amazing videos with stunning effects. Not a human endevour, but software creativity. System requirements are PIII processor or equivalent, 250 MB of RAM, Windows XP.
Go ahead, rip that DVD, you may be the next grammy award winner.

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