Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Technology Life Cycle

There are various phases of technolog deployment in a corporate

1. The study Phase : Feasibility is enquired and requirement analysys is done to find out what kind of infrastructure would be required and what would be the Software deployment. What would be the architecture of the deployment.

2. Deployment : The actual deplyment takes place and the computers are physically put onthe site and software installed.

3. Usage and Learning : People start using the system, and find the strengths and weaknesses of the system. They report bugs to the involved consultancy or SI's.

4. Consolidation : The processes are in place people are adept at using these systems, the productivity is up, bottomline improves.

5. Maturity : The employees become so adept that they may start taking part in the Consulting other organisations for similar implementations and charge them for the same. Also the top managers know how to use the system for findin required trends and leveraging the information to improve business processes and introduce new product and service offerings. The system is in flow.

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