Monday, November 06, 2006

Pitfalls in Adopting Technology

If you assume that one fine day a new technology is introduced in the company and it will succeed then you are under a false impression. People have to be trained in the new technology. Before actually implementing technology, you have to measure the readyness of your employees for a change in the process of working. If you have a primarily young employees then it would be easier to implement change, as they would be having the requsite skills and they will be more amenable to change.

If you have a work force of average age 55 plus, then you are probably going to face a lot of problems and resistance from the employees. Be prepared for it and have a strategy to communicate and effect change. A outside consultant should be hired or an internal person could take charge of the communication and behavioural modification exercise.

You should communicate the benefits of the new technology to the company and the people. Reward the people who buy into the change process and use negative motivation process to those opposing. You should be able to win the crucial stakeholders of the process like the Employee Labour Union, Management and supervisors to begin with.

Plan the change and implement it diligently. More on it later.

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