Friday, November 10, 2006

Decide your IT Budget

To decide on your IT spend you have to keep a watch on certain factors, lest you regret later, with a wrong IT spend. Look for complete solutions. Better deal with system Integrators who would have the responsibility of making all the components work together, like HP. Don't end up buying the cheapest components and apps. froom different vendors, which then don't work together, and you have to spend high amounts rectifying the problem. Look for scalablity next. Your business is likely to grow in the future, so you have to think of scaling the applications and IT infrastructure in the future.

To minimise costs, think of scalablility upfront. Take a decision, if open source software would serve your business purpose or buying the expensive propriety software is your priority. Some opensource softwares are better then their paid counterparts.

Take a decision if you want to procure or outsource the to reduce TCO. Non-core functions can be outsourced to reduce costs but take into consideration security aspects before taking such decisions. Also make sure that if you are buying proprietry software buy only the licenced versions from Authorised dealers to avoid legal problems. Plan your hardware and software aspects well in advance to avoid costly and strategic misfits later.

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