Friday, November 03, 2006

Business Networking

It is to develop important business contacts. There are social sites and dedicated business networking sites. Social sites like,,, ( google) . Dedicated business sites like which is most popular with 8 million registered users. You need an invitation by existing member to join this network. YOu have which is more of business cum networking site. is a social networking site which is organised on the basis of schools, companies and regions.

There are a lot of companies today which do not believe in placing ads in print media or the internet but want employees through word of mouth or networking. You can get such jobs if you join these sites and diligently develop contacts. Also you can develop important contacts who become your future business partners. Also knowing important people in life would never prove to be Futile. You can get difficult tasks completed in a jiffy if you have the right contacts.

Increase your prospects, get networked.

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