Sunday, November 19, 2006

How to spread Best Technological Practices in SMB's

Most Small and Medium Scale businesses are devoid of best prectices. Som eentrepreneurs with out the requisite experiences set up the Business and runs it the best which comes to his mind. That best is not good enough. In todays globalised world where competition is all but available it is not possiblel to survive if you do not have that edge.

One way to learn the best practice is through hiring consultants, you can create processes which are best in the line of the business. Another way is to implement ERP packages which are created especially for the SME's. These packages are today available from leading players like SAP and Oracle. You can go for module wise implementation to keep the change effective and keep costs low. You may also be able to implement the whole package if you can afford as the cost of these solutions is low. Or you can even rent these solutions.

Go on, be the best.

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