Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vista enhances XP Allure

It so happens that Vista requires a expensive hardware upgrade and also for old people its quite a task and steep learning curve to learn the news OS and its ways. So what can be done? People are demanding XP back for these and various other reasons. There are some bugs and it is not a great gaming OS for some.
Hense Dell which initially was planning of shelving the XP OS is now out with 6 laptops which have preloaded XP OS in them. To cater to the public demand for XP OS.
Also Microsoft plans to shelve selling the said OS XP from January 2008.

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sandeep sondhi said...

as per past trends the initial hicups and the resistance being faced by windows Vista . microsft is going to make it a successs. hence in order to stay in tune with trens we should not go back to Xp