Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unified Messaging : Meeboo

You are always trying to use IM for chat and voice chat purposes, You use Google Talk or Yahoo or MSN service. Some of your friends are on other networks. So what is to be done? One has to chat , has to chat.Meeboo.Com has come up with a unified messaging solution . It accepts Username and passwords of all your accounts and allows you to chat with all your friends on all the networks seamlessly. What is the result of this, you can do it through Meeboo client so if you have an old PC you need not have to load all Chat Softwares, only Meeboo client would be sufficient.Meeboo also have a wonderful chat widget which can be used to chat and socialise with your visitors. But my own reservation is that instead of third party endeavour interoperability should be the effort of the players involved in the technology

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