Wednesday, June 20, 2007

E-Commerce in India

Some interesting facts about e-Commerce in India . 2200 Crores of e-Commerce took place in India in 2006 and expected to touch 5500 Cr. a growth of 150% over 2006 is expected in 07-08.Some other interesting facts are that 88% of B2C customers are male, 86% are graduates , 24% are self employed. Well with various rural initiatives of Corp's and govt. of India, soon rural folks will effect these statistics. Also most of the business is in Music,Travel, Booking for Movies, Gifts, Computers and accessories, and Apparels segement.Online payment of bills is a big issue in India where local citizens consider Creadit card to be a unethical product and the same problem is being overcome through e-Cash * ITZ Cash ) and also throgh adoption of Debit Card as a mode of payment by some customers.Well another issue is that of tangibility and quality of goods sold throgh internet and the mindset, where established brands can play a major role.

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