Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unified Communications: A new Paradigm

One has so many options of communication today VOIP , Fixed Line, E-Mail, IM, Mobile et al that one finds it very cumborsome to manage through the quagmire of gadgets and sometimes the very purpose of these gadgets which is to make communications easier for the user works at cross-angles and makes things difficult and complicated for user. In comes UC.UC uses a single client interface either through your Mobile , cellphone or smart phone to acces all these types of communication signals. The client software publishes your location , ie if you are at home or office and your preferred mode of communication. It also redirects the messges to the present client with which you are interacting at the present moment.So it is a good tool to make the job of Corporate Business Communications easier and hassle free for the users. Presently UC through phone is not available in India but it is expected to hit the market in Foreseeable future.

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