Friday, June 22, 2007

Game Design and Us

Recently I was reading an article in a newspaper about game design science which is coming to be reckoned as a billion dollar industry in the recent times. What I read was that in a game first you need to conceptualise the design. That is what would be the characters of the game , what would be the logic, what would be different difficulty levels, and how would scoring be done. Cool one difference between the Movie Story board ( Used to represent the design ) and Game Story board which was given was that a movie storyboard is linear where as the game story board is multi path. Ie what happens if one partner in a multiple player game dies et al. Also after conceptualising the design and fixing the boundaries flow charts are made to chalk out the paths and control flow. The application design and role of gaming engine is decided. Then the actual programming is done.

It was indeed an interesting read.

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