Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Robots that Map : Robotics

Domestic military and combat search operations can benefit with robots which are faster and more resposnsive to their environment and do not commit errors. Such robots are becoming possible thanks to the cutting edge research which is always on .
Robots which can map their environmental information and use it to find way in other parts of the same building or a office or home are being designed and tested. Suppose a particular building has the same type of design in all floors thana combat robot used for fighting terrorists or other hostage taken crisis could easily navigate in the maze and deliver their expected results.
Domestic robots could be fed with maps of their area of operation and could work better than they do with their sensor technology.
Also a team of Robots ( Say 4 ) could map an area faster and could share that info with other robots through wireless network and do better teamwork than humans.

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