Monday, June 04, 2007


Chips has been developed which accepts a small amount of spit and analyses it within minutes to diagnose Dental disease of gums. The chip analyses the amount of protein present in the sample to deduct if the disease is presnt or absent. Soon we would have chips which could diagnose cancer and other deadly diseases. The chip which was first visualised in the futuristic serial of 80's has already become a stark reality. This only proves that only the world imagination is the bottleneck to the collective technology that the global village today pocesses.

I was wondering what else could be a related linear offshoot of this technological development and came to the conclusion that by 2012 we would have a MPU in computer, that is Medical Processor Unit, which could through a Medicinal Cartridge manufacture and dispense authentic drugs inside home and diagnose diseases at the click of a mouse.Till then happy postponing the decision to buy a computer, you may miss the ULTIMATE m/c.

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