Monday, June 25, 2007

VAS to create revenues for TELCO's

When the telecom companies launched the Mobile services they reaped cool booty just by the call charges as in the heydays as they could charge exorbitant amounts for the incoming as well as outgoing calls . But times changed and later SMS turned out to be a moneyspinner for them.
VAS is all set to be the next blockbuster revenue generator for these companies and would keep the telco's Juggernaut rolling ahead with high momentum. In this direction Mauj has roped in Sameera reddy the lass of tinsel town to create value added services around the bollywood theme. Currently the market is worth 300 Cr Rs in 5-7 years it is set to grow to 30,000 Cr. Rs. in India. The services would be Wall papars of the Lass and using her voice in alarms and reminders et al to create interest in the general public and also to create higher revenue.

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