Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sell Solutions not Products

People sell PC as product. That can be made out by reading in the specification that OS provided with Compaq PC is DOS. What do I do with DOS. It simply isn't my need. I can't do anything with it. I need a PC with my required software in it. If I cant get it Croma or Dell showroom is of no use to me.To get the software loaded I have to deal with filthyly mannered and dangerous people in Mumbai. I may get conned or I may get murdered. Law and order situatilon is real bad in Mumbai. Recently on three days in a hattrick Mumbai policemen got a taste of lawlessness in the city. One got thrown of third floor , two got beaten at Kalina.Well if I want a solution I will know upfront what my TCO is going to be. Also I deal with less human interface and my CSI ( Customer Satisfaction Index) is pretty high.

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