Sunday, November 25, 2007

Technology Needs Time To traction and Adoption

Old habits die hard. Take the example of our own e-Books although versions and use have exsited for decades but adoption has been very slow. New versions of e-Books have been developed of late by companies like the Sony et al but use is limited due to reasons like high cost and inhibition on the part of the user to adopt new technology. Also new technologies are untested.

For example little have been said about the ill effects of computers. And you will find less literature in main stream media about the ill effects of Cellular phones. Customers are live Guinny pigs in this corporate led experimentation of technolgy on the people of Earth.

E-Books with adoption will tend to get less costly and more feature rich and would eventually be adopted to a wider degree by users. Innovative features like books coming with bundled offer of preloaded Best Sellers and trial subscriptions of magazines will make marketing of the product more easier.

Also BRIC economies will take a while before adopting the produt.

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