Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spamming Continues To Hog Corporate Productivity

Total spam has crossed 10 trillion mark the same as the total number of mails floating on the internet. With Unified Communications tilting the balance of Communication towards email and VOIP the problem of Spam is all set to disconcert the smugness of Corporate Honchos with hoards of Green Bucks being lost per employee in lost productivity.

There are tools to avoid spammers but there are tools to hack these. But I think what people call spammers are just plain vanilla happy Marketers. When you market its sauve and decent, when others do the same it is spamming.

Maybe people can adopt stratgies to overcome spam as maintaining separtae e-Mails for critical and non critical accounts and not sharing the details of critical one with any web site. Apart from the normal filtering and blocking of domains.

Also habitual and useless spammer directory could be built on the lines of folksonomy, that anyone feeling strongly against a domain notifies the ICANN and based on some critical reportage the domains could be blocked by the ICANN.

OK Signing off,
Rajeev Vashisht.

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