Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Business Technological Idea's for Companies With Capital

1. A innovation in Cellular Phones could be Aromatic Phones which can be used for Aromatic Therapy and could be used for lifting a bad mood or depression.

2. If a phone is built with Biometric Identification built into chip then a bank of people who can use the phone can be built and could be used only by the authorised person even if it is stolen or lost.

3.MFD Phones are full of glitches, the problem could be solved by having separate chip for each functionality optimised for a function and a general purpose chip for concurrent use.

4. YOur Teastall worker and President of US using same service. Can't digest that. Need for premium services for premium phones. How could be that.
Having a service with extra bandwidth for premium customers who can pay more so that they can amplify the signal and use effects like reverb for business, and others for romantic talk or kinky talk. Also lovers could dedicate customised songs to each other and play radio jock and have loads of other fun.

5.If nano mechanical sound harvesting probes could be built they could be used for harvesting sound energy and converting into electical charge for use.
Normal vibrations from Radio , TV and Music system and other sources of high noise and vibration could be used to generate electricity by placing a probe machine near the source of vibration.

Also no more wars for oil.

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