Sunday, November 04, 2007

AMD's Strategy

What the processor market shows is that Monopolies can be broken. 10 Years back no one would have believed that AMD would one day have 30% market share that too in a sophisticated market like Notebook processor. But it unshackled the clunky and agressive intel who once thought that it was invincible.
What AMD needs to focus on is branding and Marketing initiatives. It has some better than intel processor ranges and features but the consumer is shy to risk because of lack of product knowledge. AMD needs to invest more in creating product education and awareness. After all no one including intel is invincible, take the Nokia example with Battery fisco resulting in a sure dent in market share.
AMD could auger well by positioning its products differently than intel and go into JV with manufacturers from emerging economies who are now concentrating on SemiConductor reasearch and hardware.

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