Friday, November 09, 2007

Bio Modelling Technology

Is Nature the best. Taking cue from nature to be perfect some scientists have developed a submarine after studying the anatomy of Fish. They have developed a system by which slightest hydraulic movements can be detected from very far and can be used for underground navigation and collision detection system. It may also be used for guided stalking target demolishing missile.
Every technology has its good and evil sides. For example Nuclear Technology was developed for Civil Energy Generation and for good wars, but people use it to threaten neighbous and society at large.
Another example where biomodelling is being tried again assuming that nature is the best guide is brain simulation and AI applications. Although it is at its primitive stages with people not able to simulate even a second of Mouse Brain Activity.
After all aliens may not be god's and World could just be a MMOG or Simulation study with each component having perception ability. Is any study being made to find if nature is perfect, please post your comments freely.

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