Monday, November 12, 2007

Apple Technology Pays Off

Apple Haapily JIngles its cash register with record topline and bottomline growth. Topline grew by 28% and profits soared 81% in the quarter ended september. Where it easily surpassed the indutry figures for the same which were 19% and 43%.

The game changers were 10.2 million i-pods sold, 1.11 million i-phones sold and 2.16 million of i-macs sold. Apple is a company which has immense scope for growth as it has recently launched leopard operating system. Apple continues to innovate and microsft blatantly and belatedly copies microsoft product features and ideas and stays ahead? Could it be because of bad marketing.

Leopard OS is lot better than Vista according to experts and also the process of reducing the prices did its own good on the fortune of Apple which is now a 160 billion valued company.

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