Sunday, December 31, 2006

Of Convergence and Divergence

Some people say technology is converging, sme others say technology is diverging. What do you think dude? Well think for a few seconds before reading on, it enhences problem solving, analytical, reasoning and positive brain circuitry.

Well my brain is a average one, and I did some reading and thinking and came to this conclusion, technology is diverging and devices are converging. Let me elucidate below.

See take example of TV, first we had only the CRT television, then Flat Plasma, LCD and Rear Projection TV and now the Thin TV . Cool evolution and divergence. Take the Wireless technology started with VSAT, WiFi, WI Max and still evolving. Take the example of cell phones. Take the example of cell phones, you had fixed landline, Mobile, VOIP, Satellite phone, Instant Messaging and so on. Take the example of washing m/c's with regular and front loading. Take the example of Refrigerators frost free, five side cooling , regular etc. AC's window , Split and regular.

Take office management printers, faxes , xerox all getting rolled into one MFD. So technologies are diverging whereas devices are converging. What are your views , please elucidate.

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