Thursday, December 28, 2006

Airtel Song Catcher

Indian telecom provider Airtel has recently launched a song catcher scheme. IT is worth mentioning because of the user friendlyness it offers to user community.

There are still a lot of elderly people around who are tech. phobic. They find it difficult to download wallpapers, ringtones and make the phone settings easyly.

This new service would be specially useful for these people who can just dial a three digit number and point the phone towards the source of song and keep the phone at a diatance of 1 m, and lo behold in a 20 seconds you receive the same ringtone in your phone. Pretty easy and fun even for young people. Hope minds of companies keep working in the right directions. Also if call drop rates in India are improved people would be more happy with their telephone bills.

Say What.

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lostpatrol53 said...

We are a huge market. Esp it should be possible to offer more airtime for re-fills of pre-paid cell-cards.