Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slowly Evolving Technology

Now that blogosphere and blogging has been around for quite some time now. We the bloggers expect some innovations from the companies operating in the space. Although most services offered are free, but they do earn revenues from various schemes. Also if the users concerns are addressed slowly the bloggers who have been around for quite some time would start earning money and would be able to pay for basic services like payment gateways et al. I have listed some services which I find are lacking in the current service providers.

1. Payment gateway, some form of payment gateway should be provided for the clients to make an online payment. Sometimes a new site may be good and not have as many hits as more popular ones, but may have quality content and also quailty customers who may want to pay for what they are being served.

2. Archiving Facility : As blog become larger in size, malicious intentioned people may want to hack it and delete the blog just by the click of a mouse button. Hense there should be archiving facility which should be removed only via confirmation through a SMS form a mobile.

3. Import Export of POstages : As a service providers proposition may become outdated or less profitable, or in case the customer has multiple blogs and want to move around some facilities then this should be facilitated.

4. Categorisation of Stories : Better management of Blog Posts where the stories could be categorised.

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