Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Technologies

Today let us talk about the new technologies. Technologies are improving by the day. New more efficient batteries,better CPU's, more number of CPU's, incerasing life of CD's.

Moser Baer recently unveiled a CD which can last upto incerdible 199 years, up from previously claimed 99 years cycle. So an improvement which is radical in nature.

Also recently intel announced that by January Quad Core CPU's would be available. That means 4 CPU's of 2.66 GHz each. Previously just in about June 2006 Dual core was launched with much fanfare. And if you have recently bought one then I am sure you will have higher numbers on your regret matrix. So this new processor is supposed to improve performance by 80% over dual core. Stupendous! This new CPU is designed for ectreme CPU processing capacity requirements. Meanwhile the Clock speed has reached a technological barrier of about 3.1 GHz presently.

Till the Sci-Fi future becomes the present, best of luck for those speculating to buy a latest computer.

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