Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Save yourself from that Reprimand

Do you use a company Laptop, notepad or PDA for work. Take precautions. To guard against theft or leakege of company data, people companies may be resorting to spying on your computer through vrius softwares which are written for these special purposes. Are you aware of these pitfalls of communicating too much using your companies wares.

1. Don't visit prohibited sites on your laptop.

2. Don't E-Mail your collegues about the grouses you have against your boss.

3. Don't look for jib.

4. Don't take too much financial mileage out of your Gizmo than warranted.

5. Don't use the company network when doing personal work.

6.If some one from company or outside approaches you with an indecent proposal, immediately shoot back a E-Mail rebutting links with the source of spam.

Your job may be at risk in this difficult times.

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