Monday, October 09, 2006

User of Internet Technology Beware

You may have heard about the pros of banking but not cons. Here is a a caveat. It does offer you convenience of transferring your funds at any time you need but you stand the threat of losing vital information through trozan horses if you use internet cafes or your own little secure handheld device for accessing your bank accounts.There are keylogging programs ( a kind of trozan horse ) that once enters into your system by being hidden in other software programs start monitoring your keyboard entries as you visit a bank and then sends this information to the theives through the net. They can also be planted in your device or desktop through e-mail messages. So be careful whenever you download and install free software on your system or read emails.

Don't blindly download or don't open suspicious looking( rather harmless looking) e-mails. There may be a malicious code in it.Cases were reported in Brazil where 55 people stole $4.7 million and in France $1.1 million from bank accounts( internet ofcourse). According to some reports in the period between '00 and '05 the number of such cases have increased exponentially.

These problems of fraud have also been occuring in India but under reported or not reported by the banks because of the threat of loss of reputation and a profitable medium of business channel.

Murphy's Trivia," Why robbers are always ahead of police----------------------because the police is behind and the robbers are ahead of police, Hi Hi Hi".

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