Monday, October 16, 2006

E-Books Bleak Future

Sony recently introduced a e-Book Reader at $350. It can be used to store large number of downloadable e-books and can be scanned page by page. The advantage is that its light weight , occupies very less space, any number of book marks can be added, you can search the book in seconds, and no trees are detroyed in making them , for now don't pay attention to e-Waste, that is not in the marketing plan. One charge i senough for 7500 page turns. It uses electricity only when pages are turned. They can store Photos ( of four grey shades ) and play AAC mucic files also MP3. Some 10,000 e-books are available at the sony store and if you buy the Gizmo before year end you get a gift coupon of $50. So does the Gadget has any future in India. I guess the price is upward for most Indians. May be a Demonstration object at the most.

"If you can afford it, go for it".

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