Monday, October 09, 2006

Microsoft Vista OS Preview

This new Operating System (OS) is going to boast of a number of features. Prime among them being, better and less expensive security of computer networks; employees can remotely log on to the office system without the use of VPN which people find difficult to use. More secure browsing with internet explorer version 7.0 .

Easier installation of software fixes or patches. Improved user account management, for example a clerk or a junior could install printer or scanner without having access to Administrators password.The operating system is being tested through 5 lakh selected customers initially.Other popular operating system in the market include Unix, Linux, Mac OS et at. Microsoft increasingly faces competition from OS such as Linux which is an open source software.

An open source software is a software which doesn't cost having been developed by volunteers from IT software developers profession. In India especially in the government sector i.e. state government and center government offices are increasingly adopting Linux operating system too keep their IT spend down. Also with introduction of low cost computers ( sub 10,000 Rs. Category ) , these systems are preloaded with Linux OS . Linux is itself a powerful operating system being used in industry as web server and Application Server. Both are mission critical applications.Microsoft sighting the widespread use of pirated software ( 90%) in India has come out with a stripped down cheap version for the Indian market to boost sales.

Microsoft claims the TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership including cost of maintenance, training and support )Of windows operating system is less than TCO of Linux. Other vendors claim that Microsoft uses various coercive strategies to induce desktop vendors to ship their OS.

I say, "May the open source prevail".

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