Monday, October 09, 2006

Some ERP Related Facts

1. Business processes have to be mapped to ERP and customization has to be done.
2. The aim is to have all the processes of the business mapped in the Package.
3. An ERP system helps in reacting faster to marketplace changes i.e. in being proactive rather than being reactive to market.
4. Standardization of business processes across units can be achieved.
5. Best business practices can be adapted.
6. Real time information is available to the Decision maker.
7. Legacy systems are generally fragmented and not properly integrated across functions.
8. An ERP system enables IT to be used as a strategic business tool rather than for a limited purpose of data processing.
9. ERP systems support E-Commerce.
10. Awareness training sessions should be held for managers and key end users should be involved at various stages of implementation to ensure success.
11. Most people consider ERP system as a hygiene factor for effectiveness.
12. ERP Systems avoids duplication of efforts across functions and business units.
13. Using ERP system one can integrate their partners systems and information can flow seamlessly.
14. Performance can be reviewed more frequently, for example weekly instead of monthly.
15. It facilitates business innovation through new business processes.
16. It increases revenue through its built in collaboration abilities.
17. It improves operational efficiency by streamlining processes.
18. It increases ROI through Reliable Operation with a stable and proven infrastructure.
19. Change management is the biggest challenge of ERP implementation.
20. While choosing a package flexibility, Scalability should be kept in mind.

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