Monday, October 09, 2006

3G Mobile Services to Hit India Soon

Characteristics would include faster web browsing speeds comparable to that of broadband. Sharper pictures enabling better gaming and mobile tv experience to the mobile users. Also streaming video and audio would be a real possibility.But cost of handsets which is expected to be on the upperside would prove to be a major hurdle. Also 3G policy regarding spectrum allocation would have to be framed. Further telecom companies would have to spruce up their network infrastructure to be able to roll out these new services.In India where a mobile model from Motorola in the range of Rs. 700 is expected soon and the inequality of income distribution as a result of improperly executed libralisation steps ,with people having disparate incomes and purchasing power is going to make growth for the telecom companies in 3G segment not an easy thing. Also competition from VOIP is going to intensify with computer penetration and home broadband connections going up.

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