Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Buying Camcorder : Check these features

1. Look at the optical zoom. At least 10 x upto 25 x. Digital zoom is of no real value. The same can be achieved through software.
2. A large screen, but that drains battery, but good for reviewing the footage immediately.
3. Check out th esupported format, mini DV , HD are some popular formats. For home movies mini DV is the best , for professional work HD ( High - Def.) would be more suited.
4. The controls should be simple and intuitive. Try them before buying.
5. 1 CCD Camcorder is cheaper, but 3 CCD gives professional touch.
6. Look for optical and electronic image stabilizer. Optical stabilizer is better.
7. Though still photographs are supported but they may not be as good quality of a dedicated digital camera.

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