Monday, October 09, 2006

Internet Marketing

1. Most of the companies have a web presence basically to disseminate product or service information and distribute brochures.

2. The glitches include lack of inexpensive payment models. People are not comfortable with divulging their private information like credit card numbers online because of lack of adequate security protocols Another glitch is the sheer limit of number of people who have access to payment methods like credit cards.

3. Many banks in India are already using Mobile phone for banking purposes.

4. One big obstacle in the way of using internet in a big way of conducting business is the abysmally low internet penetration and the digital divide in India.

5. One delicate issue in this context would be that of Ethical Marketing. There is a very thin line between consumer delight and intrusion of privacy of the customer.

6. Those who already have an established brand are more likely to successfully sell their products online compared to those following purely internet model as the customers know about the quality antecedents of the company.

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