Monday, October 09, 2006

Evolution of E-Commerce

The minimum you could do is have at least an informative web site which is a marketing tool active 365 days of year x 7 days a week x 24 hours a day basis. You can inform people about your product, processses, Organisational processses, culture, mission, vision, values etc. You could provide important contact information on the web site.

In the next evolutionary stage you could provide for some sort of central complaint lodging system directly to the company to account for the improper treatment of customers ( incompatible with company values ) by the call centres or regional centers. This will also act as a control for the organisational values. Innovative companies also use some sort of Live Chat or Help Desk to sort out the queries and problems of customers.You can have a online transaction facility i.e. selling online.

Next you could go all the way to integrate the entire supply chain i.i. you could seamlessly connect to your Suppliers and Ditributers or the End Users. You can use the internet to add interactivity to your advertisements and customise your communication to the customers. For certain industries like software, digital music internet gives the market Global Reach.

You could add internet as an additional channel to your existing brick and mortar business or have a buiness which is built from scratch as a pure internet dot com company and after succeeding with the internet version you could go in for the brick and mortar version.You could also use collaboration tools to Co-ordinate projects done by different teams which may be located in different geographical locations working on different aspects of a project or taking advantage of the time zones. Also there are the applications of telecommuting and mobile work force.

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