Saturday, October 13, 2007

R&D and Technology

R&D outstrips Product Development and Adoption

Lots of research in Technology sphere, like Robotics and Consumer Electronics and Durables. Also Wireless technology, but adoption is slow. There are various reasons for this slow adoption. One of them being lots of funds already sunk into previous technologies which are unable to give the required ROI. In such a scenario the telecom companies are not wishing to invest in expensive infrastructure required for costly upgrades which benefits only the consumer and not the companies who invest. And any company leave alone technology companies exist for the sole purpose of making profits.

Take robotics, Research Pilot successful models are available but are not cheap enough for commercial exploitation. And also in the case of technology is not even properly tested for safety of commercial use with human beings. Also what will happen to human living if AI applications take over the mundane technological task. Also many Human beings would not be capable of higher level jobs which they may be offered in absence of mundane jobs.

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