Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mobile Advertisement Technology

India and the World is seeing rapid rise in mobile connections. In developed countries like the US , UK and Europe there is a rapid rise in number of cells a household or an individual uses. This results in massive opportunities arising for the technological innovations in marketing.

If one has a database of mobile users who are customers , then they can be easily contacted for customized product and service offerings. Payments can be made via Cellular mode. Cells can be used for marketing products in a customized way.

In Bangalore Malls actually use BlueTooth servers to target customers with offers which can be downloaded from Hoardings giving the exact details of offer and customized offers according to customer purchase history. Sales van be closed more easily and turnover can be increased. Also movie tickets of Multiplexes can be booked through Cells. All in All cell is turning out to be a massively important device for marketers to reach customers by leveraging mobile technology. With high tech devices being churned out at least prices this segment is only likely to see further growth. With digital distribution of entertainment content like Audio and Video on demand cornering a greater market share of telecom companies in India in the near future.

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