Saturday, October 13, 2007

Natural Language Processing

What is the future of technology. Is it a software development language in which you just list the goals and specify the language and programming paradigm to be used to get the software package ready in a jiffy. Well while such a scenario may be possible in a few or one decade with AI and Expert Systems making fast inroads into our increasingly technological existence. While vested interests and ethical considerations may make it possible to employ Human beings in future in mundane tasks like upkeep of the computer and peripherals.

Our first step in that direction is to create computers that can understand native languages with all its verbose nature. Search engines are being designed which can understand natural language. There have been defeated attempts at it, but still many ventures keep trying the lucrative segment as keyword search is not as user friendly to the non geeks.

University of California is also designing a Search Engine which annotates songs based on inputs from human inputs form a online game Listen Game, which will allow users to search songs based on attributes rather than artiste or label. Like you are in a mood to hear Funky songs, just type Funky songs of Beatles, and lo presto you have the results in front of you. Cool innovation I say.

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