Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Vista Juggernaut

The al lnew Vista OS has been delayed by more than a year and a half. WEll it has some cool features like new enhanced 3d user interface. It has advanced security, better search and networking capabilities.

The minimum requirements are

1. 800 MHz clock speed
2. 512 MB RAM
3. Direct x 9.0 compatible Graphics processor.

The more sophisticated the hardware the better performence can b eexpected.

It seems that some products like I-pod and the MAC computers for Apple are blockbusters and change the fortunes of a Company. Similarly there are OS's which change the dynamics of economics of a number of nations. Vista is one among them which is supposed to alter the economics of a number of countries and also has a complete eco-system around it. Hardware, software, jobs et al. The scenario is set to change the dynamics of IT market.

Vista supports the 64 bit computing. AMD already supports it and intel processors including dual core are based on 64 bit computing.

MIcrosoft has target of shipping 100 million Vista copies in the first year 30% of them to the European companies. For every Euro it generates for Microsoft European countries are set to gain 40 Euros.

The entire eco system around Vista is anywhere in excess of $40 billion. Recently microsoft had announced that it is stopping the 10 year support for OS's for the Windows 98 version. Happy upgrading.

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