Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feature Clutter

A mobile phone which doubles up as music player, photo viewer, view videos, TV, Chat, Browse the net and E-Mail. Obviously too many a feature packed into a single gadget. It is common knowledge that when more fetures are added to a single device, soon it gets feature cluttered. The performence can also degrade and bugs can inadvertantly creep into the design. So is it wise to infinitely add new features to a given gadget or will it be wise to stop after a certain point.

Well there are two camps. One wants more and more features in a single device. I think the new generation belongs to this category. Tech-savvy and total geeks, they want more out of every think in life. Also some others say there should be a bare bone product with optional add-ons . After all why should a customer be made to pay for certain features which he or she may never use. There are people who differ even with these people saying that upgrading is a head-ache.

Well the Big Fight continues.

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