Saturday, January 06, 2007


Spintronics is the science of Electron spin and its manipulation for productive purposes. Spintronics is already at work in the hard disks of your I-Pod, Notepad , and other hand held devices. They give huge storage capacity to the hard disk.

How does it work. See traditionally chips handled digital storage by storing a charge or not in a semiconductor. o/1 mechanism. After 50 years of stagnancy there is a shift in the technology. What is that shift . Let me explain. Now the spin of electron is being used to store information. THis has applications in Hard Disk, MRAM and Microprocessors.

The advantage of using spintronics is that the polarised electron retians its stage for a much longer time compared to a charge and hense results in a reduction in power consumption requirement. Also if used in RAM ( MRAM) it results in non volatile memory and hense instant boot. MRAM would soon be available. Also soon microchips would be available which would run 100 times faster in even smaller chips.

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