Saturday, January 13, 2007

Technology Trends

The various technologies which are likely to pick up in 2007 includes the following. RFID tags will be adopted more widely by the retial sector for inventory mangement and SCM. Biometrics for identification. In that face recognition and fingerprinting are standing to gain. AJAX will be used to develop better web applications and interfaces. WiMax wireless technology would be adopted more widely.

Also IPTV , Mobile TV, and VAS mobile services would gain traction. WEb 2.0 applications like sociql networking sites, user created content like YOu Tube and Personal Broadcasting will see new heights and a revenue generation model. SOA will be adopted widely. AI applications are increasing in scope. Also proactive security applications would be adopted widely instead of the reactive security model.

Steps would be taken to develop complex robotics model which are more sophisticated and functional. Nano technology will see more practical application in It and other related vistas.

Top IT spend would be in the fiel dof Security,OS,BI,CRM,ERP and SaaS.

Are we ready?

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