Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Adaptive Supercomputers

GEnerally speaking supercomputers are designed for a particular domain or specific application only , say for weather forecasting or miniral exploration or astrophysics. Supercomputing is employed where a multitude of calculations are involved which needs to be completed in a specified period of time.

Recently DARPA financed CRAY $250 million for research in adaptive supercomputing project. So what is this adaptive supercomputing? Adaptive supercomputing involves setting up of multi-functional or general purpose computing in a HPC ( High Performance Supercomputing ) environment. The computing platform consists of different kinds of microprocessors like general purpose chip and others like multithreaded, FPGA, vector processor et al. There is software platform which makes the task of choosing a particular or group of processors based on the specific requirements giving the application developer a level of abstraction to work on.

Other players in the field of HPC are IBM,HP,SGI etc. So CRAY is a pioneer in adaptive technology.

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