Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Apple Has Lined Up For 2008

Technology market is not easy to crack, what with new products being churned up every quarter by 10's of big companies with huge R&D allocations for improving the customer experience of technology products.

Apple is continuing with the same tradition and is coming up with a ultra thin and light Lap Top which will be using flash memory to reduce weight. The weight would be between 1-2 Kg's.

I - Phone may go 3G and increase the speed of web access throgh I-Phone which may surely rev up the sales of this product.

Also last years not so alluring product Set Top Box's attractiveness will be improved by tying up with all big banners and getting into film distribution throufg its popular I-Tunes store. All these steps will surely keep the comapny at a northward course with regard to its sales and net profits.

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