Thursday, January 17, 2008

Only At Apple : MacBook Air

What is it that one can do to enhance once business appeal. Simple offer products which are unque and are not offered any where else. Apple has done the same with its product portfolio by recently launching the thinnest of all world laptops. This laptop is just .4 Cm thin at the front and 1.9 at the Back. Compared to current laptops of 2 cm to 3 cm laptops. So what are the other features , a 80 GB hard disk and 2 GB ofMemory, although not a fastest processor. So maybe its being positioned as a style product for models and business presntations for just basic functionality.

It doesnt has a Optical Disk Drive and uses one available wirelessly at your home. ( PC or Mac). It uses many features borrowed from I-Pod and I-Phone to make it more alluring and appealing. It uses touch screen features of the I-Phone. The laptop weighs just 1.36 Kg or 3 pounds.

Costing at $1800 ( Rs. 71,000) approx. It uses a customised 60% thin Dual Core processor especially designed by Intel for this notebook.

The Notebook was unvieled at Mac World Expo opening at Sanfransicco.

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